We have built a set of people and shared values that push the limits of innovation forward and structured the company to accommodate news and synergies.Aware since day 1 that stable growth occurs only through the aggregation of knowledge and consolidation of processes, Pentek pursued a path of agglomeration of key figures in the sector, drivers of innovation always in a context of open dialogue and partnership with our suppliers: this is what we call the K-factor.We believe that it is the only way to deliver value to our customers, solve positioning problems and offer an all-round service, to support and precede the movements that constantly modify the market equilibrium. We strive to unite the wealth of knowledge, increase our vision and perspective with the sole purpose of offering new solutions and competitiveness; we carry out a project that goes beyond individual needs, in an embrace that restores color and skills, for a shared, conscious and sustainable world.


Sharing sales and process experiences along with the current service needs have led us to expand our horizons by incorporating strategic production realities for our products, but also to meet new challenges for the growth of the individual companies that make up the Pentek group.


Since 2005 Pentek has made use of the creative and precious cooperation of Orion for the development of electrical cabinets of international standards and above all for the development of software solutions that meet the needs of our customers for process control management, anticipating solutions that have become common practice today, such as the Industry 4.0 package, but also the possibility of interfacing our system with centralized process control tools (for example ORGATEX) and collecting specific requests for equipment customization.ORION employs 4 software engineers with proven experience in the textile field, with previous unit start-ups by customers in Italy and abroad.Aware of the value and strategic importance of ORION, Pentek joined the company as early as 2008, until taking over the majority in 2020.The exchange of information and experiences has greatly improved our products and effectively contributed to Pentek's brand recognition in the world.


Following the epochal fracture created by the storm of Covid 19, Pentek seizes the opportunity and decides to create a new company (Kromatica Textile Machinery Srl), incorporating two key technicians into the company staff with thirty years of experience in the printing sector and particularly in steaming after printing and continuous washing ranges in open width.Thanks to their contribution of enormous experience in design, in technical and process knowhow, up to their personal fame in the world, we have boosted the design and development of new products in the strategic world of printing, starting from continuous steamers and two-phase steamers (flash agers) that have already had a notable response on world markets. Thanks to the contribution of Kromatica, Pentek opens its boundaries to new products by amalgamating the renowned internal construction skills with a new lymph of technological knowledge that enriches the company's vision.


The fusion of knowledge is not only functional to commercial growth and brand recognition, but above all an internal stimulus to cross seemingly impossible boundaries. Our internal dynamics of brain storming, human exchange and shared knowledge are a reason in itself to transfer value to our customers and better understand their needs with a wider listening skill, well beyond the limits of individual abilities.