Continuos drying, steaming and tumbling equipment for tubolar and open width knits


DesAIR is a specialty drying & tumbling machine for knits in continuous mode: it’s the ideal tool for those who mean to improve the product market positioning conferring softness, bulkiness and volume and dimensional stability improvement. In terms of hand feel, the finishing effect provided by DesAIR is comparable to the general range of effects produced by rotary drum tumblers, though in a continuous and open width process.

Choosing DesAIR means deciding to escape from the pure commodity segment, from the price battle dynamics, in order to achieve a performing and distinguished product, without necessarily re-designing the workflow from yarn to weave and dyeing, eventually changing the feel perceptions.

The dyed or printed knits are gently transported by air through multiple modulating airflows in a relaxing environment. The back and forth motion throws against a stainless steel grid at variable speed for a adjustable mechanical action both in crash and in frequency.DesAIR can work on dry goods  or on fabrics previously padded with chemicals or simply steamed with free steam in order to increase the spectrum of effects. The machine can be equipped with conic field at the entry to prepare the goods for the following tumbling action.