Continuos range for enzyming and chemical process in rope form


DreamAIR was born upon the dream of performing all specialty wet finishing which require high mechanical action (enzyming, cautifications, fibrillation, weight reduction etc..) in a continuous process, with total repeatibility and safe from any crease marks, lusterings or abrasions.

In other terms the challenge was to overcome the limits of current discontinuos finishing equipments (air tumblers, air flow dyeing equipments, rotary drumtumblers etc..) and give all sensitive finishers the chance
to unchain their creativity and access to high end added value finishing in an industrial and safe mode.

The combination of intense mechanical action with chemicals within a continuous process, moves forward the
finishers creativity, setting DreamAIR as the new benchmark of added value finishing.

DreamAIR opens up new fronteers of finishing in the various fabric compositions and applications, from silky goods to shirting to bottom weights up to home fabrics and knitwear. A huge variety of potential solutions for anyone who seeks to escape from the price battle and breath - for a while - the healing air of uniqueness:

Let Yourself  Be a DreamAIR!