Continuous Tumbler in rope form


FlyAIR is the ultimate solution for continuous tumbling adding the typical mechanical action of rope form tolonger dwell times. After thirty years tradition on discontinuous rope form tumblers, today no more fabriccutting, loading/unloading, stitching/unstitching. FlyAIR is available in two configuration (4 chambersor 8 chambers). 


FlyAIR 8 enables to reproduce in continuous a two-steps process (steaming + tumbling or two different drying steps) thanks to the two separate air and temperature adjustments (ideal setup for lamb skin effect on pes polar fleece).


FlyAIR 4 enables huge productivity and same effect to a 4 chambers discontinuous tumbler, using a singleblower and a single temperature setting.


A FlyAIR line can be designed from A-frame to A-frame with a pad mangle in front of the equipment, a cooling

system on exit, a j-scray which enables a synchronism with a detwister.

A huge productivity with the inimitable rope form effect : Fasten your seat belts!