Continuos open width dryer & tumbler, for higher productivity


PowAIR is born from the idea of joining the growing market request for maximum flexibility at lower processing cost. The new manufacturing logics enable to use PowAIR as efficient dryer with low cost per meter, but also as a tumbler with a powewrful and energetic aero-dynamic action.

PowAIR is particularly suitable in the last steps of finishing processes and after printing, using the action  of the air in two different ways: with high pressure to swell out the fibers, pop up the pile, soften and break the fabric stiffness through the clash against the grids (tumbling mode) or with higher air flow amount to guarantee maximum drying performances (drying mode), thus becoming the ultimate alternative to conventional drying methods.

PowAIR introduces consistent novelties in direction of a sustainable process with massive air recycling system and specific technical devices to enable its use of tumbler and dryer, apparently antithetical.

PowAIR is the most flexible tool on the marketplace; the wide experience on many different fabric style and composition brought us to patent new technical solutions to guarantee PowAIR & DELICACY