Continuous modular overflow


Wanny was born as a modular washing unit to rinse and neutralize fabrics after DreamAIR chemical processes. It is a continuous softflow machine  which uses the same principles of DreamAIR modular vats with the characteristic back and forth motion through 8 nozzles (4 along the stream and 4 against it). Thanks to the alternated motion of the accumulated goods into the vats, fabrics remains dipped in the waters and takes advantage of the washing power of the nozzles from 50 to 60 times in 20 minutes (just as an 1h in a regular discontinuous soft flow).

The hydraulic system is just as a continuous washing range with water flowing against the stream, indipendent water temperature controls in each kier, chemical dosing and possible vats separation to enable different chemical applications in the same cycle.

The huge versatility, low consumptions of water and power as well as its continuous mode,  make of Wanny a really valid alternative for preparation for dyeing (pre-bleach and/or antipilling) or preparation for printing.

Available in modules of 2,4,6 or more vats.