EnAIRgy is a specialty finishing machine for value added goods: it’s the ideal tool for those who mean to improve the product market positioning conferring softness, bulkiness and volume, drapery, shrinkage and changes of look. The range of finishing effects provided by ENAIRGY is comparable to the general range of effects produced by rotary drum tumblers, though in a continuous and open width process.

Choosing EnAIRgy means deciding to escape from the pure “commodity” segment, from the price battle dynamics, in order to achieve an unique and distinguished product positioning, without necessarily re-designing the product from yarn to weave and dyeing, eventually changing its look and feel perceptions.

The secret of EnAIRgy is the combination of an alternated discontinuous motion within a continuous process: while in fact inside the machine the stored goods keep smashing at high speed in a back and forth motion, externally the fabric enters and exits continuously without any pause. This is possible thanks to a low speed entering and exiting the equipment (mechanically adjustable from 3 to 50 mt/min) and to a very high speed in the internal back and forth motion.

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International Patents

EnAIRgy could reach a worldwide recognizion thanks to the performances enabled by our international patents:


EnAIRgy is energy of air and its action gets its maximum creative content in the final finishing step, just before inspection and packing. The dyed goods, printed or coated, are thrown by the air pressure against a stainless steel grid in a variable speed on all working width, reproducing in an industrial way that ancient activity of massage and beating of the old women on the river rocks. ENAIRGY can work on dry goods – thanks to its powerful mechanical action – or on fabrics previously padded with chemicals or simply steamed with free steam in order to increase the spectrum of effects.

  • Home textiles: terry towels, upholstery jacquards, chenille, automotive goods, curtains
  • Stretch Denim & pants: power stretch stability, max stretch, velvets, corduroy and coatings
  • Womanswear: printed silky goods, tencel, viscose crepes, polyester blends
  • Shirting & Linen: Yarn dyed and piece dyed shirtings, linen and blends
  • Wool and blends: Worsted and woolen blends

Models and possible continuous lines

According to the specific needs for productivity, evaporation, type of goods and effects we have a suitable solution:

Latest model of the family with long tunnel width and Power Boost (75kw air thrust motor). Suitable for middle and heavy fabrics (stretch denim & pants, Shirting and linen, upholstery chenille etc... Intensive crash and up to 500 kg/h evaporation capacity.

Smaller model of the family with shorter tunnel width and lower crash power (55kw air thrust motor). Suitable for womanswear, prints, shirting and linen, wool and blends, knit cleaning etc… when frequency of impact is more important than crashing power. Up to 350 kg/h evaporation capacity.

Special model with width adjustment to run both narrow and wider goods in the same unit, adapting also the air inlet to the fabric and tunnel width. Ideal for wide units (3000 up to 3800 mm) in upholstery and curtains applications for those who wish to switch from standard 150 cm and 360 cm goods in the same unit.

Alternative configurations & options

All devices for custom made solutions both mechanically and electrically are manufactured internally in our premises.

Lines examples

Some examples of running lines installed worldwide