FlyAIR is the ultimate solution for continuous tumbling adding the typical mechanical action of rope form along with longer dwell times. After thirty years tradition on discontinuous rope form tumblers, today no more fabric cutting, loading + unloading, stitching/unstitching.
FlyAIR is available in two configuration (4 chambers or 8 chambers).
The intense mechanical action of the rope form action determines a characteristic movy look and a particular drape, totally different from the open width tumbling. Long dwell times ensured by the 2 or 4 air jets and 4-8 vats enable the goods to keep tumbling from 20 up to 40 min, compared to the usual 4-8 min permanence in an open width tumbler. FlyAIr effectively unlocks new solutions in finishing and answers a long term request for industrial and continuous rope form tumbling.
FlyAIR 8 enables to reproduce in continuous a two-steps process (steaming + tumbling or two different drying steps) thanks to the two separate air and temperature adjustments (ideal setup for lamb skin effect on pes polar fleece).
FlyAIR 4 enables huge productivity and same effect to a 4 chambers discontinuous tumbler, using a single blower and a single temperature setting.
A FlyAIR line can be designed from A-frame to A-frame with a pad mangle in front of the equipment, a cooling system on exit, a j-scray which enables a synchronism with a detwister. A huge productivity with the inimitable rope form effect.

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International Patents

FlyAIR is an unique tool in the marketplace , being the only rope form continuous air jet tumbler thanks to the following international patents:


DreamAIR unlocks new tumbling horizons in the various fabric compositions and applications, from silky & printed goods to shirting and bottom weights, up to the new cellulosic fibers (lyocell, cupro), to polyester, both woven and knits.

  • Bottom weights: Garment-like touch and exaltation of surface finishing (emerizing, carbon brushing and raising).
  • Womanswear: Tencel & blends, pes/modal, with peach-skin exaltation, voluminous hand and bouce.
  • Shirting & Linen: Yarn dyed aggressive tumbling or linen blends tumbling with shabby feel and maximum drapery.
  • Knits: Tencel & blends or modal/pes both for “techno-polishing” process on resinated goods or peach skin exaltation.

Models and possible continuous lines

The continuous FlyAIR technology is available in 2 models and can be synchronized in input with impregnation pad mangle and on exit with J-box of synchronism + detwister:

FlyAIR 4 (4 vats, 2 channels. single motor and 1 single heating system for both channels)

FlyAIR 8 (8 vats, 4 channels, 2 motore and 2 separate heating system = two separate temperatures) Optionals: Free steaming on ch 1 & 2 + fabric cooling device on exit.


Along the years we developed solutions for the various processing needs and requests


Some examples of running lines installed worldwide: