Our padding line aims to cover a wide range of processes, both for the impregnation of chemical products and for pure squeezing.
The foulard line includes 2-rollers and 3-rollers pad mangles for “wet on wet” applications, all entirely made of stainless steel.
The range is suitable for all working widths, from 180 cm up to 360 cm, thanks to the use of cylinders with a diameter from 290 mm up to 375 mm.
The pressure system is articulated by means of compressed air bellows which guarantee high squeezing efficiency, from 14,000 kg to 16,000 kg.
As regards the squeezing rollers, the range consists of crown, semi-crown and parallel rectifications with internal compensation shaft, ideal for accurate impregnation of products, whose uniformity is guaranteed both at low and high operating pressure.
The 3-rollers padder allows differentiated pressures to equalize the moisture content in the first squeezing and apply after the product, in the second squeezing / impregnation step.
For the impregnation, single, double and even triple dip vats are available.
The infeed is available from flat folded fabrics and from A-frame while the output can be synchronized with following machinery through multiple compensation systems, or be equipped with tangential or axial winding wheather the pad mangle is purchased as standalone unit
Our padders come equipped with several scroll rollers options (single or double), in stainless steel or ebonite rubber) and composite solutions with a tangential roller or curved tensioning roller. The hydraulic system irradiates the chemicals at full width in the tray for uniform application.
Optionally we can supply side tanks produced for automatic re-fill of the vat and if necessary, we have counter-current sprayers for cleaning the fabric before squeezing.
The whole is completed by the electrical panel with SIEMENS touch screen, whether integrated on the machine or included in the electrical cabinet of any finishing line (with our tumblers for instance).

Models and possible continuous lines

The range of our pad mangle si composed by:

Foulard 2CN (impregnation & squeezing), either with crown or parallel rectification with r\oller diameter from 290 to 320 mm (up to 2800 width) and 375 mm (from 3000mm to 3600mm width) Squeezing pressures from 14.000 to 16.000 kg

Foulard 3CA/D (differentiated pressure), with parallel rectification, rollers diameter 320 mm (up to 2600 mm width ) for “wet on wet” applications


Along the years we developed solutions for the various processing needs and requests


Some examples of running lines installed worldwide: