GeySer is the result of a working team of engineers of Pentek and Kromatica and technologists with more than 30 years of experience in the segment of steamers for the textile industry.
It is inspired by the Italian tradition of high-quality textile printing and finishing, maintaining a rock-solid tradition at its core, while embracing important innovations and updates.
If reliability and a thoroughly tested design represent the foundation of GeySer, the recent development in the textile industry has brought a particular attention towards sustainability, user friendliness and precise cost control of operation.
GeySer is the definite answer for the discerning textile printing manufacturing company, aiming to set their products at a different level, escaping the pure price-battle competition and providing a textile product with excellent
performances and sustainability.
Suitable for all the types of steaming and curing applications currently available in the textile printing industry, GeySer already includes in the standard configuration the possibility to process traditionally printed or digitally printed fabrics.
The higher fabric content given by the loop formation, the improved air circulation fans and their placement within the various chambers, the fresh air inlet system, the innovative multiple entry are only some of the major factors for reaching and maintaining a constant temperature and steam quality during the entire process and provide the best possible color development. Savings in operation are not only related to the steam ager alone, but also to the process before and after the steaming step. From the lesser need to utilize urea in the printing paste during printing to the less water and chemical consumptions during washing after fabric steaming, whenever it applies.

GeySer: the Steaming Power to the next level!


The extreme care for fabrics of Geyser start since the core engine of the unit, the fold formation, which is the subject of a newly introduced patent:


Geyser enables to stably develop the color for both conventional rotary and digital printing, both for applications of reactive dyes, such as acid and disperse.
It also serves for the curing of pigment prints and corrosion prints.

  • Silky goods and prints:Prints of any compostion and structure, both woven and knits for apparel, upholstery and home textile applications.

Models and possible continuous lines

Geyser line embraces a wide range of models and variables of configuration, depending on the fabric content, working width and on the selected heating system to overheat the steam or heat the air:

  • Content: from 140 mt to 500 mt
  • Width: 2200 x 2000, 2600 x 2400, 3600 x 3400
  • Saturated steam, Superheated steam by gas or thermal oil


The combination of the long term experience of our technicians and the freshness of the project enables several alternative configurations and a wide range of customized solutions:



The modularity of the equipment has been revised and extended, now available in 2 steaming modes (according to the unit content):
Intensive steaming: (260 cm module) with double steaming units, symmetrically placed one in front of the other for maximum steaming intensity. Designed for first steaming action.
Extended steaming: (390 cm module) for bigger fabric content, composed by the same double steaming units, but placed in in front of the other, but not symmetrically, in order to enable a uniform distribution of the steam. Indicated for bigger fabric content.


A new design entry aims to fix the growing demand for care of the goods (particularly for digital reactive knits).
Four possible fabric threadings on entry system for digital, rotray prints, heavy goods and light goods or rolled with paper.
A new designed entry hood has been studied for a longer exposure of the goods in open width to the first steam thermal shock (and related shrinkage) before the fold formation. A highly effective heating system has been implemented to prevent from condensations.


Fresh air inlet is more and more required to fulfill the double task:

A. Lower the temperature together with the atomized water to face the natural exothermic phenomenon of reactive dyestuffs
B. Improve the color development in case of particular tone of colors (like cian) which requires a higher oxidation value (particularly on digital printing dyestuff)

Fresh air can be thus digitally controlled through the touch screen panel, in percentage of the amount of steam flow.


A specific attention has been posed on the operation and maintenance care, and particularly:

  • The use of 15 cm fixed pitch among sticks with single chain enable maximum stability of the sticks and no synchro among multiple chains (23 cm pitch is anyway predisposed to be implemented mechanically).
  • Two movable platform (one per each door), sliding along the machine enable to reach any side of the chamber for any maintenance operation. The two platform cam be joined together to form a wider base, but during the process the are blocked on the two extremities of the steaming chamber (in and out) in correspondence to the entry doors.


The whole structure is suitably insulated with insulating panels, in painted metal and with very thick rock wool. External finish thick painted sheet metal panels suitably reinforced to ensure the rock wool seal. The panels are fixed to the structure by means of insulation columns. Double insulation of the roof by means of a double layer of rock wool and finished with galvanized sheet. Big care has been taken in proper insulation of the chamber including the basement and foundation panels to avoid heat loss and possible risks of condensation. The panels on the bottom are equipped with a condensate drain when the machine is switched off and on again.


The plant adopts a series of features and solutions with an innovative and practical design.
All cables for wiring are conveniently protected inside easily removable shaped sheet metal ducts (without the use of screws). These channels are also an aesthetic element, a linear and pleasing to the eye pattern.
In the same way, the heating systems (gas burners and diathermic oil connections) are protected by opening casings with an attractive design, in order to avoid direct exposure by operators and protect the systems from dirt and environmental contamination).

All water and gas or diathermic oil and compressed air supply systems are conveniently hidden by easily removable shaped sheet metal casings to ease the maintenance operations and periodic controls beside ensuring a totally linear and clean appearance of the system.

The choice of the combination of colors that make the supply prestigious, recognizable and unique.

Configure Geyser according to your needs

Geyser is available within a range of fabric content and different working width.
The content varies from 140 meters up to 500 meters, increasing by 40 meters of content at each step.
The working width available are three: 2200 x 2000, 2600 x 2400 and 3600 x 3400.
Select the machine though the configurator and can check sizes, contents and technical specifications of the selected machine.


Some examples of running lines installed worldwide: