Fabric Content: 340 mtDimensions: 2200 x 2000 mm

Technical data

Overall dimensions16.850 x 3.164 x 3.700
Fabric Content step 15336
Fabric Content step 23224
Direct Steam Line151°C – 4 bar
Steam Consumption (min-Max)550-750 kg
Gas Thermal Line150-250 mbar
Thermal Installed Power360 kW
Thermal Max Consumption36 m3/h
Power Line400-480V - 50-60Hz
Electrical Installed Power30 kW
Avg. Electrical Consumption26 kW/h
Compressed Air Line6 bar, ½”
Compressed Air Consumption15-20 Nl/h
Demineralized Water line2,5-3 bar, 1/2”
Demineralized Water Consumption100-125 l/h

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