Mistyk is the result of a working team of engineers and technologists with more than 30 years of experience in the designing and manufacturing steam agers for the textile industry and Pentek reknown experience in pad mangles.
It is inspired by the Italian tradition of high-quality textile printing and finishing, maintaining a rock-solid tradition at its core, while embracing important innovations and updates.
If reliability and a thoroughly tested design represent the foundation of Mistyk, the recent development in the textile industry has brought a particular attention towards sustainability, user friendliness and precise cost control of operation.
Mistyk is the answer to the new needs of a textile company in the two-phase printing sector and related steaming needs.
In fact, Mistyk combines: a high efficiency foulard with chromed cylinders for the application of the chemical, an infrared pre-dryer to reduce condensation on wet fabric, a steaming tower with variable content from 9 to 18 meters, depending on the speed. productive.
The equipment is supplied also with a synchronization system to operate in continuous with a continuous washing range.

Mistyk also offers the possibility of maintaining high fabric contents, but arranging it in a tower developed horizontally to reduce the overall dimensions in height.

Mistyk: the energy of steam raised to new heights!


Mistyk allows to pad with chemicals and develop stably the color for two-phase printing on indanthrene fabrics for military applications or for corrosion printing.

  • Prints: Indathrene prints or corrosion prints

Models and possible continuous lines

Mistyk line consists of various models and executions, depending on the content in meters, the working width and the shape of the steaming chamber:

  • Content: from 9 mt to 18 mt
  • Width: 2200 x 2000, 2600 x 2400, 3600 x 3400
  • Sky high tower or double deck chamber


Some examples of running lines installed worldwide: