PowAIR is born from the idea of joining the growing market request for maximum flexibility at lower processing cost.
The new manufacturing logics enable to use PowAIR as efficient dryer with low cost per meter, but also as a tumbler with a powewrful and energetic aero-dynamic action.
PowAIR is particularly suitable in the last steps of finishing processes and after printing, using the action of the air in two different ways: with high pressure to swell out the fibers, pop up the pile, soften and break the fabric stiffness through the clash against the grids (tumbling mode) or with higher air flow amount to guarantee maximum drying performances (drying mode), thus becoming the ultimate alternative to conventional drying methods.
The care of of fabric during the tumbling action has been brought to the ultimate levels, based on the clear trend towards delicate and sensitive goods, particularly on the high end market segments.
PowAIR introduces consistent novelties in direction of a sustainable process with massive air recycling system and specific technical devices to overcame the common antithesis between drying and tumbling.
The operator infact can easily switch at pleasure from the delicate mode of drying up to the most aggressive functions of the tumbler in a fluid sequence of intermediate positions. This is due to an automatic patented system which enables to reduce and increase the blowing nozzles at pleasure and therefore manage the balance between air quantity and air pressure, basing on the nature of fabric to be processed or the desired effect.
PowAIR is the most flexible and universal tool on the marketplace and represents the ultimate excellence in tumbling technology; the wide experience on many different fabric style and composition brought us to design and patent new technical solutions to combine Power, Delicacy and energy savings.


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International Patents

PowAIR introduces new innovative perspectives in the current tumbling panorama, thanks to a new international patent: DimmAIR


DreamAIR unlocks new tumbling horizons in the various fabric compositions and applications, from silky & printed goods to shirting and bottom weights, to Home Textiles up to the new cellulosic fibers (lyocell, cupro), to polyester, both woven and knits.

  • Bottom weights: Garment-like touch and exaltation of surface finishing (emerizing, carbon brushing and raising)
  • Womanswear: Tencel & blends, pes/modal, with peach-skin exaltation, voluminous hand and bounce.
  • Shirting & Linen: Yarn dyed tumbling or linen blends tumbling with shabby feel and maximum drapery.
  • Knits: Intense drying power with minimal mechanical action to dry at the same time improving volume and touch.
  • Wool & Blends: Both for heavy woollen and delicate carded wool to confer volume and bounce.


Along the years we developed solutions for the various processing needs and requests


Some examples of running lines installed worldwide: