Kromatica Textile Machinery srl is a sister company of Pentek, dedicated to design of textile equipments, focused on printed goods. Despite the recent establishment of the company, Kromatica partners are well known in the business of printing. They can count on more than 30 years’ recognized experience in this field, particularly in the segment of steaming units.

Kromatica has its roots in the Italian tradition of high-quality textile printing and finishing, maintaining a rock-solid tradition at its core, while embracing important innovations and updates.

If reliability and a thoroughly tested design represent the foundation of Kromatica, the recent development in the textile industry has brought a particular attention towards sustainability, user friendliness and precise cost control of operation. Through new design and performance we intend to offer an industrial tool, versatile and sensitive to the changes that are affecting the world of printing.The evident synergy with Pentek, already introduced in the same segment with rope form washing and tumble-dryers equipment and internal knowhow regarding steamers, will enable the customer to count on a solid structure, studied to offer high performance tools, service and expertise.

Emanuele Cattoni

Technical Director and Process Technologist. Since over 30 years he devoted himself in Italy and worldwide to development of finishing technologies and solutions for textile printing.

Fabrizio Beretta

Designer and Technical Services. Since over 30 years he has been designing steaming systems Da oltre 30 anni disegna e progetta impianti di vaporizzazione.