ORION was born as a company for the manufacturing of electrical cabinets and industrial automation software on commission bases. With its solid experience of 25 years of activity, it stands out for its propension for service with huge availability and dedication. Orion counts on a young and dynamic staff, composed by several software specialist of proven experience in several industrial automation fields even beyond the textile machinery sector. Dynamism and flexibility are the distinctive factor that targets the customer satisfaction in a creative path of development of shared solutions.

Orion stands out for its experimentation, precision and dedication in customer service, with technical and human sharing of problems; there is no pre-concept or denial, but only participation in the search for the simplest and most reliable solution.

The accuracy and precision of work are an essential value of reliability delivered to our customer. The clean setup of the cabinets has its roots in an attitude of designing with care to detail and coming from a traditional school with no compromises in the choice of homogeneous and top-level components.

Taking advantage of twenty years of experience in custom-made work, we do not abdicate the need for configurations and tailor-made solutions, which is the company's real mission. Each request becomes feasible and "easy" to be implemented.