K-BOOSTER was born as an auxiliary and efficient drying unit, for the needs of high productivity and sensitivity to cost per meter, according to a sustainable process philosophy, today indispensable.
K-Booster, therefore, follows a logic of modularity (1 or 2 chambers) to be able to adapt to different production needs, but given the enormous evaporation capacity in a very small space, it can also be conceived as a stand alone unit for pure drying.
The manufacturing design follows the modern technologies of stenters, with the presence of blowers to invest the fabric on both sides (air impinging). The highly innovative component resides in a multiple vertical fabric thread path, instead of the conventional linear and horizontal, allowing a maximum ratio between spaces and fabric content, maximizing the evaporation capacity, with forced suction solutions (Smart Vacuum) and air recycling as per in a stenter.
Each module contains 15 m of fabrics (as a 5 chamber stenter) in a very limited space (slightly over 2 meters), 600 kw thermal power installed and 2 motors of 22 kw.
Designed as a module of a line or stand-alone unit, K-BOOSTER is equipped with an inlet from both a spreading & slat centering device or a loop control sensor. Paralelly, at the exit, it can be equipped with an infrared synchronism sensor or be equipped with an independent flat folding device.
Electrical panel and control panel can be integral with the K-BOOSTER or inserted in the centralized panel of the line.
K-BOOSTER is the ideal complement to our tumbling lines, enabling to optimize the process and reach an ideal degree of residual moisture in order to obtain the best effects from the subsequent tumbling process.
K-BOOSTER can also be used as a standalone dryer for woven fabrics, at the end of the washing line thanks to its very small space and enormous evaporative capacity.
Each module reaches very high evaporation performances, up to 360 kg/h, adjustable depending on the air and temperatures settings.


The modularity of K-Booster allows enormous versatility of use for efficient and compact drying, both in line and as a stand-alone unit:

Pre-drying to eliminate non-functional moisture in the next step or drying at the end of a washing range.

Efficient and compact dryer for quick drying within a small space.

  • Silky Goods: Compact dryer at the end of a washing line
  • Home Textiles: Maximum pre-drying effectiveness (de-watering) to ensure the ideal degree of residual humidity for the tumbling line, enhancing productivity and savings.

Models and possible continuous lines

K-BOOSTER is available in 1 or 2 modules

K-Booster 1 = 15 m content, 600 kw, 360 kg/h evaporation

K-Booster 2= 30 m content, 1200 kw, 720 kg/h evaporation


Some examples of running lines installed worldwide: